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Your intake meeting via Skype. 

The RIVM has drawn up rules to curb the Coronavirus, which means there should be as little physical contact as possible. Many of you are currently at home or working from home. This gives you the opportunity to make plans for a new interior, kitchen, bathroom or renovation.

You can now take the first step by scheduling an introductory meeting without obligation with our planner at a time that suits you. You will get to know us and we will get to know you as we outline how we work. We will show you some examples and you indicate what room is involved, what the expectations are and what your preferences are in terms of style, colour, etc. 

Based on this conversation, we will draw up a suitable quotation for you without obligation. 

It is helpful to us if you scan a floor plan and mail it to us in advance at or show it to us via Skype. Preferably together with a number of pictures of the rooms in question. To help determine the atmosphere you want, we recommend going to and creating a photo collage there which you can then share with us. This may very well be surprising to you.

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