Work method

Below, we describe the work method that we apply for our projects. For us, the collaboration we start with our clients means that we make clear agreements with short lines of communication whereby the budget and planning play a key role.



When you are interested to learn more about us or when you’re considering to commission Straight Interior Design to make a wonderful interior design for your house or office space, then we would love to get to know you a bit better first:

  • what kind of space are we talking about?
  • what are your wishes, requirements and expectations?
  • and how can Straight Interior Design help you to achieve this?

Depending on the project, we either work with a previously agreed fee or an hourly rate. When everything is crystal clear and you feel that the collaboration will come to fruition, we start working on your project.


Defining the commission

During this phase, which is not as easy as it may sound, the wishes and expectations are moulded into a Programme of Requirements (PoR).
This document includes the most literal description of the functional requirements for the new space, the atmosphere, the layout, the use of the space, etc. Meaning that we add as many details and as much information we can gather. Some wishes/requirements may seem conflicting, but they must still be listed.


Preliminary Design (PD)

During this phase, the different wishes/requirements are combined to one or several draft designs. With these designs, we aim to turn all the client’s wishes into one cohesive plan. We create and present you with multiple solutions visualised by floor plans with 3D impressions.


Cost estimation based on the PD

An estimation of the costs is made based on executing the PD as it stands. The estimations are based on our experience and are generally quite accurate. At this moment, you have the PD and know how much the realisation will cost you; you can now decide whether you want us to go ahead.


Final design (FD)

During this phase, the Preliminary Design, which may have been altered based on new insights, is now further elaborated to become a Final Design. The materials are indicated, a structured plan is made, the colours are chosen. The plan is now ready to be executed.



The final drawings are now offered to executors, contractors and/or subcontractors who can offer quotations for the realisation of the plans. A time schedule is drawn up and, if necessary, the building permit application is done. We visit shops to choose the pieces of furniture.
When everything proves to be satisfactory, the commissions can be granted.



The most hectic phase of the entire process. Depending on the scope of the work that must be done, you may need to move out for a while. In some cases, it suffices to live a bit cramped in one part of the house, but life will become a bit restless while the refurbishing works are carried out. During this phase, it is very important that you stay up to date about the progress. Is the budget properly monitored? Are all agreements met as planned?



The styling of your residence turns a well thought out design with harmonising colours, lighting, furniture, etc., to one warm and cohesive home that is entirely in line with your requested atmosphere, emotion and experience. Great styling gives that extra flair your house deserves, making it a Unique Interior.

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