We often come across clients who cannot or will not allow themselves enough time, or do not have the required insight, to arrive at their intended interior. Others are looking for some professional support to help guide their hand in the decision-making process.

STRAIGHT INTERIOR designs complete interiors, and offers visual demonstrations of our designs using 3D artwork to give a realistic impression of what the end result could look like. A major plus when dealing with STRAIGHT INTERIOR is our ability to read between the lines and recognise our clients’ requests: both those that are spoken and those that go unsaid. Together with our creative and knowledgeable input, we are able to arrive at a wonderful and unique design, fully tailored to our clients. Following a presentation and a healthy dose of substantiation and discussion, we arrive at a final plan – together with our clients. Implementing and supervising this plan or project ensures that it created in accordance with the initial vision. Once the implementation is complete, styling follows. An important though often overlooked aspect, STRAIGHT INTERIOR is equipped with the talent required to style your design to perfection.

STRAIGHT INTERIOR can also be contracted for partial projects, such as designing a new kitchen, creating a lighting or colour scheme, designing a wardrobe, etc. You may also be looking for a stylist to give your home that little bit extra. Whatever your requirements, an attentive ear is the most important factor for arriving at a magnificent result.