Hieronder staat omschreven de werkwijze die wij aanhouden voor onze projecten. De samenwerking die wij met elkaar aangaan betekend voor ons, heldere afspraken maken met korte communicatie lijnen, waarbij budget en planning een centrale rol spelen.


Getting acquainted

Are you interested in, or maybe just considering, having STRAIGHT INTERIOR design your home or business location? We would love to get in touch with you:

what kind of space or area are you looking to improve?

what are your wishes and requirements?

and how can STRAIGHT INTERIOR help you realise your dream?

Depending on the assignments, we work based on either a fixed fee or on an hourly basis. Once we have covered all of the basics and you feel good about our collaboration, we set to work.


Establishing the assignment

This phase, which is not as easy that it might appear, compiles and reshapes your wishes and requirements into a design brief (DB).

In as much literal detail as possible, this brief covers the functional demands of the new space, its atmosphere, its layout, its use, etc. All in all: as much information as possible. All wishes and requirements, though some may even seem to be in contrast with each other, must be included in the brief.


Preliminary Design (PD)

This phase processes the established wishes and requirements into one or more potential designs. These designs attempt to merge all demands into a coherent whole. You are presented with various solutions using floor plans and 3D designs.


Preliminary cost estimate based on PD

This involves drafting an overview of the estimated costs that would be involved if the preliminary design were to be implemented in its current form. Estimates are offered based on experience and are generally quite accurate.

At this point, you have knowledge of the preliminary design and the costs of implementation; it is now your choice whether we proceed.


Final design (FD)

This phase uses the preliminary design as the basis for a final design, possibly also implementing new insight. Materials to be used are indicated, the plan is laid out in greater detail, the colours are established. The plan is now ready for completion.



The final plans and drawings are presented to the builders, contractors, and/or subcontractors so they can begin submitting theirs tenders for the implementation of the plans. A timetable is drafted and, where required, a building permit is requested from the appropriate authorities.

Once this process has been completed to your satisfaction, the relevant parties can be contracted.



The most dynamic phase of the entire process. Depending on the work that needs to be done, you may temporarily need to seek alternative accommodation. Often, a lot is possible with a little shifting around, but there will be some temporary turmoil. An important aspect during this phase is making sure you remain up to date on the progress being made. Is your budget being properly monitored? Are the agreements being honoured satisfactorily?



Styling your home means calibrating a well-thought out design with matching colours, lighting, furniture, etc., to arrive at a warm, unified whole that is tailored to your demands in terms of atmosphere, emotional impact, and experience. Styling helps lift your home to the standard it deserves, and makes it a Unique Interior.

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