Project Nesselande Rotterdam


This house was built 15 years ago and the furnishing never changed, so the interior design could do with some tender love and care. The focus was on the ground floor, where most of the family life takes place. The client requested us to bring back cohesion and atmosphere within the space.

Existing situation

The house is a regular family home. The d├ęcor and furnishing were incoherent and the kitchen completely outdated. The entrance also didn’t sell the house. The entire space needed a metamorphosis.


For the seating area, we used the fireplace as the starting point. It is important to group the seating furniture around the fireplace, which was a rather dominant and large feature. By giving the wall and the fireplace a darker colour, this effect has now gone and the fireplace blends in much more naturally. The ground floor had wooden floorboards. We replaced them by laying a cast floor, making the space more light and airy. All walls and ceilings were stuccoed. The ceiling consisted of one-meter elements with a ridge in between, so the stucco plaster makes it nice and even. This also allowed us to add lighting fittings where they are needed by making conduits in the ceiling. The stucco layer covered everything up nicely.

The kitchen has been completely overhauled. Where once the sink and cooking area were situated, we now placed high cupboards. We also made a clear division between the kitchen and living area by adding a sleek cove. This creates clarity and a calmer atmosphere in the living room. Between the high built-in cupboards, we made an alcove where, for example, a coffee machine can be placed. A beautiful wine cabinet has been integrated underneath the alcove. This part is now the focal point of the kitchen. The colour on the wall is wonderfully balanced and beautifully in line with the new furniture and curtains that were also carefully selected. All pieces of furniture, fabrics, lighting, etc. were purchased in consultation with Straight Interior Design.


A splendid family home with a wonderful colour scheme, beautiful furniture, and a strong look and feel. The client is very happy with the result.

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