Project Spijkenisse


The project involves an apartment at the top floor of a high-rise building offering magnificent views of the Oude Maas, the port of Rotterdam and even of the coast. The client had already bought all kinds of pieces of furniture but he didn’t achieve the cosiness he was looking for. So the primary request was to create a nice atmosphere in the living room.

Existing situation

The living room and kitchen are one open-plan space. The living room has floor-to-ceiling windows on two sides, and the kitchen is on one of the other sides. At the entrance side, the room has a blind wall. As the living area has three sides where no furniture can be placed, furnishing this room nicely is not an easy task. Where to put everything? The client plays the piano and really wanted to have the instrument in the living room, even though there was actually no room for it. Because the colour scheme was white and grey, the apartment did not have a very exciting atmosphere.


In our view, the key aspects of a good design must be simple. When we started working on the space, we came up with a solution that was easy to realise. By placing a wall at the centre, thereby separating the sitting area from the dining area in an unobtrusive way, the space suddenly became logical and we had room for the TV and the piano. We made a strong feature of one of the walls by wallpapering it with a classic pattern. This wallpaper was also used in the hallway, creating a warmer atmosphere and a wonderful, uniform connection with the living room. The walls behind the kitchen were white while the kitchen itself is cream-coloured. Giving the walls behind the kitchen units a darker shade now makes the beautiful kitchen stand out. The existing floor was good and has remained as it was. The walls and ceilings were stuccoed with a smooth plaster and painted. The client built the wall in the centre of the room. As the finishing touch, we chose to hang warm, thick curtains that also dim the sunlight.


The living room now has a great dynamic feel. When entering the apartment, one doesn’t see all the different spaces at once. The piano now has its own ‘room’ and is no longer in the way. The living room has been given a beautiful dining area partitioned off from the seating area, so when one person is doing something at the table while the other watches TV, there is no distraction. Both the seating area and the dining area are 100% connected to the kitchen.

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